Rev. Howard Randolph NEW

By Rev. Dr. Howard Randolph, New Faith M.B. Church

If you’re reading this, you’re a leader. What is the business of a leader? The business of a leader is to turn weakness into strength, obstacles into stepping stones and disaster into triumph.

A good leader inspires men to have confidence in him; a great leader inspires them to have confidence in themselves. The world is looking for leaders who can show them the way to the light. You have been called to leadership. It is time to step up and step out to the front of the line. You might say, “the front of the line is the firing line” and you are right. The firing line is where all the action is.

It is where your value as a leader is tried and proven. You do have help in your leadership, however, God and his angels are right there with you to lead and guide you to your victory. Look behind you, there are millions of people waiting to follow you. You have been chosen to lead the way. Step up to the challenge and your world will never be the same.

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