Last week many were shocked at the performance of President Barack Obama when he met his opponent Gov. Mitt Romney face to face and did not challenge him.
Prior to the Oct. 3 debate at the University of Denver some concluded that Romney would barely survive a man whose oratory and brilliance helped him to the pinnacle of American politics.
But last Wednesday we saw a different Obama who looked tired and sometimes uninterested in responding to what his opponent Romney was doing to him. We saw an Obama who appeared too presidential at his own risk forgetting that millions were watch him to see the difference between him and Romney.
Despite the fact Romney proffered falsehood and sometimes contradicting himself, Romney according to some won the debate. Because Romney appeared aggressive, and basically came to the stage looking for a fight.
On the other hand Obama looked presidential and too professorial at his own expense. His performance last week sets the stage for the second presidential debate.
But for now his performance elevated the stakes in the vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan Oct. 10. Now Vice President Biden will have to restore confidence and faith in the party faithfuls as well as independents that are looking for which party can lead them in the next four years. Game is on.

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