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Shawn and Marlon Wayans are known for their famous dual comedic roles in movies such as “Scary Movie” and “White Chicks,” and now the brothers are coming to the Midwest for a comedy show.

They will perform at Chicago Improve, 5 Woodfield Mall, in Schaumburg Oct. 4 – 7.

Performing comedy is something both have always enjoyed doing because it contrasts from their upbringing.

“Our life was so dramatic growing up and so hard sometimes, growing up poor and in the projects so we always tried to find a way to make light and have fun,” Marlon told the Defneder.

He said he enjoys the challenge of making people laugh and it makes him happy.

“Once you get it down and see the affects of what your jokes can do to people’s lives, honestly it makes your day good, it makes my day good when I know I can make people smile,” he said.

Growing up in large family with 10 children was difficult at times, but if they were in control, they said they would not change the size.

“I wouldn’t change it now, but there were days where you would be like, if Marlon wasn’t here, I could get those Jordans,” Shawn said.

The dynamic duo encourage those who want to make it in the industry to first and foremost, finish school and not let the roadblocks in life discourage them.

“Life is a marathon, it’s not a short race. There are always ups and downs, so no matter what, you will have your downs, but you know if you put your mind to it, you can always rise to the occasion,” Shawn said.

Marlon said when he does not waste time reflecting on his accomplishments, but instead, keeps pushing forward.

“I have so much more ahead of me that I don’t really have time to go back to what happened…I’ve learned to enjoy the obstacles and not complain about them and know every time I fall that I’m only falling to get back up and get better, not falling to stay down,” Marlon said.

Upcoming shows and movies to check out are a BET show, “Second Generation Wayans,” which airs in February and “Haunted House, ” a spoof coming out January 13, 2013 that Marlon stars.

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