Rev. Dr. Howard Randolph REVISED

The Bible tells us God does not look at the physical but he looks at the heart. In order for us to see the truth of any situation, we need to look at the “heart of the matter.” How do we look beyond the physical and se with the “eyes” of God?

We do it through prayer.

Prayer is the closing of our eyes and the opening of the eye of God. It is through prayer we allow God to reveal Himself to us. We cannot see the will of God in our lives until we are willing to allow God to “see” through us. The words of an old song says it well.

Open my eyes that I may see glimpses of Truth thou has for me. Place in my hands that wonderous key that will unclasp the lock and set me free. Silently now I come to thee ready my God thy will to see. Open my eyes illumine me Spirit Divine.

Today let us not fight with those negative problems and situations. Let us be still and allow God to show us the truth about our concerns. What we will “see” will amaze us.

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