Before Jesus was crucified, they took everything from Him that He owned. They stripped Him of all His clothes and they beat and spit on Him. He took all the punishment that was meant for us. However, there was one thing they couldn’t take from Jesus. They couldn’t take away the Love from His heart. While He was dying on the cross, He asked God to forgive them all. What they couldn’t take from Him, He gave to them freely. His death on the cross was the greatest act of Love this world has ever seen. It was an act that has changed the course of mankind. The power of Love has the ability to transform everything it touches. The Love of God is ready to change you today. All you have to do is say yes to the Love that is residing within you right now. We say yes to Love when we give it freely to all we meet. Today, let us give the Love of God to all we come in contact. The Love of God will change the world in ways you will never understand with your mind because Love is God and God is Love.

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