Skirts, shorts and shades are popping up throughout Chicago, meaning one thing –summer is here.

It’s also time for some hot new makeup looks.

Make-up artist and business owner of LybARTISTRY, LaTasha Benn, shared some tips with the Defender along with do’s and don’ts for the season.

For women who struggle with oily skin, Benn recommends three key items: a water-base foundation (liquid, cream or mineral powder), SPF moisturizer or primer and oil-blotting sheets.

Mineral powder also minimizes the shine, but Benn says many women, especially African-American are afraid to use it. “[They] shy away from minerals because they feel like it doesn’t provide a lot of coverage or they don’t see it in their color or it makes them look ashy,” she explained, but said the right mineral base foundation will help with any shine.

For those who don’t have oily skin, but just want to get rid of the shine their foundation creates, Benn recommends a matted foundation.

This summer, the brighter the color, the better the look. Color is in, therefore, women shouldn’t shy away from bolder tones. “Orange is a popular color that’s popping up left and right and pink lip stick is really big, especially since Nicki Minaj kind of started with the pink lip stick,” Benn said.

“Matted lips are even popular. For awhile we had the glossy lips. No matter what you had on your lips, lipstick, chap stick, you were putting lip gloss on top of it. It’s still in, but I’m also starting to see more women with just matted.”

Whether preparing for a job interview, meeting a date for lunch or spending a night out on town, Benn has a few do’s and don’ts.

“For a job interview, you want to keep it very simple. Stay with matted looks, don’t do anything too shiny or too shimmery; I wouldn’t go overboard and walk into an interview with red lipstick or any kind of dark lip stick, even if that’s your color that you wear everyday.”


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On a lunch date she suggests keeping it simple. “I like a nice natural look. For me, I like to do up my eyelashes. I won’t wear any eye shadow. If I do, it would be a nude base with bronzer and lip gloss.”

All restrictions disappear once the sun sets so women can try bolder looks. A dramatic lip or eye is always good, but never both together.

“For me, I pick one or the other,” she said.

One of her favorite looks is a nude lip with either a horizontal or vertical smoky eye. “When you smoke you can use any color you want. A lot of people think a smoky eye is black or grey [but it] can be done with a purple or a brown,” Benn said.

She recommends some of her favorites lines to capture these looks. “If you’re on a budget Black Opal for Black women is awesome..”

Some of her other choices include Urban Decay and Makeup Forever, which can be found in Sephora and Macy’s.

The “Lyb” represents her initials and “Love Your Beauty.”

“If you’re not confident to walk out the door with no makeup on, then there’s a problem. ‘Lyb’ is love it whether you have makeup on or not,” she said.

Creating natural beauty looks for women, mainly brides, is her specialty.

With the ability to match and create custom foundation, Benn is able to service clients of all ethnicities.

“Whether it’s airbrush, cream or liquid I always make sure the foundation matches the skin tone. I have all shades and colors to match every complexion. If I don’t have it, I can custom mold it,” she added.

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