Bronzeville is now home to a gourmet hot dog eatery.

Bronzeville is now home to a gourmet hot dog eatery.

Chef Clifford Rome, owner-president of Rome’s Joy Catering, the Parkway Ballroom and Blanc gallery, opened H-Dogs Friday on the northeast corner of 47th Street and King Drive.

The restaurant’s name pays homage to Chicago-based real estate mogul Elzie Higginbottom. East Lake Management & Development Corp., a Higginbottom enterprise, owns the building.

Focusing on the need to capture the audience already present in the community, Rome said there is a social need for such outlets and the place will be a “fancy yet affordable hot dog spot on the South Side of Chicago.”

“It’s some of the stuff that we’ll go other places and spend all the dollars for and you don’t have something necessarily in your community. I think that 47th street is no different from any other community… again so rich in history and culture that it makes sense that you make people make a conscious decision to come back to the community…so that means that you have to create viable businesses,” Rome told the Defender.

H-Dogs sits in the space that was to be occupied by Uncle Joe’s jerk chicken restaurant before a fire razed the 16,000-square-foot, two-story building in February 2010.

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