Q: I’ve changed my diet. Is there a good way to lose weight without exercising?

Q: I’ve changed my diet. Is there a good way to lose weight without exercising?    Dr. Dave: It is true that you could lose considerable weight without as much as lifting a finger.  For example, you could lose lots of weight by simply starving yourself for long enough.  This is unhealthy and unsustainable.  No one would argue this point.  Malnourished people definitely look thin, but are obviously unhealthy.  Weight loss does not equal healthy! Countless Internet websites and product ads tout a way to lose weight without lifting a finger or moving a muscle.  These claims that a product or special process can make you shed pounds without exercise are attractive, especially in these days of fast paced, multitasking.   As it turns out, the market for this is huge.   Newsflash: if there were a proven pill or product that could reliably produce healthy weight loss without exercise, we would have no obesity pandemic. And somebody would be nauseatingly wealthy because of it.  Let’s face it; no such pills or products exist, nor should they.   Function follows form.  A tortoise has a great excuse.  The terrapin is simply not designed to move.  As a result, it can live over 100 years free of diabetes and weight related issues, doing the equivalent of a couch potato—hanging around in the sun and eating plenty.  But your body is designed to move! And things go wrong, sometimes terribly so, when one insists on putting off daily exercise as a major part of lifestyle change.  A recent study shows that people who are sedentary die earlier than those that exercise regularly.    There is no magic bullet for healthy and sustainable weight loss, but there is a solution.  You must simply combine your diet program with an individually designed exercise program to truly lose the weight in a healthy way.  By doing it this way, you’ll also have a better shot at doing away with the weight for good. Exercise Recommendation:  Moderate intensity, aerobic exercise for 30 minutes, 5 days a week. Dave Montgomery, MD, PhD is a Cardiologist at Northwestern University and a sought after Speaker and Health Coach.   http://davemontgomerymd.com

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