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In the 1980s, she asked “Can You Feel the Beat from Head to Toe,” then she left you “Lost in Emotion” and “All Cried Out.”

In the 1980s, she asked "Can You Feel the Beat from Head to Toe," then she left you "Lost in Emotion" and "All Cried Out."

Today, Lisa Lisa is ready to dish about ‘Life.’”

Latin-American music starlet Lisa Lisa and the band Cult Jam had fans in the clubs burning the dance floor to their pop and R&B tunes after the release of their first album in 1985, "Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam with Full Force."

Just about everyone sang along with "I Wonder If I Take You Home," and soon the fans were treated to a few more albums, including "Spanish Fly," "Straight to the Sky" and "Straight Outta Hell’s Kitchen"–which produced the hit "Let the Beat Hit ‘Em"–before the group split up in the early 1990s and Lisa Lisa went solo.

Born Lisa Velez, she made her solo debut, LL77, in 1994 and produced two others before embarking on an acting career seven years later. In 2001, Lisa Lisa was tapped to play the mother in Nickelodeon’s hit series "Taina." She did two seasons on the show.

Now, the New York native is back with a new album that details her time in the music game.

“It’s about everything that I’ve learned in the 28 years in this business and every experience. It’s one big conversation. The ups and downs. The combination of every sound I can imagine,” Lisa Lisa told the Defender about "Life N’ Love" that will be released later this month.

Fans, including new younger followers she gained from Taina’s viewing audience, will still get the “original flavor” from Lisa Lisa on the new release but will also be treated to the sounds of her heritage, she said.

“I’ve got some Spanish in there, some flamenco. The first single is ‘Que Locura.’ It means “what craziness.” It’s a Spanish rap that’s also in English. It’s a dance club-type song,” said the mother of two boys.

Lisa Lisa’s been touring, promoting the new album and rocking a few of the old tunes, and fans have shown that she’s still in demand, she said.


Photo courtesy of Lisa Lisa, Mass Appeal Entertainment

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