Dear Chat Daddy,
I’m a 27-year-old female who enjoys reading your column. I have a problem with my 37-year-old sister that must be addressed. I’m so hurt by her behavior because she constantly does these ignorant bad things everywhere she goes, and it is

She’s done this at dinners, family gatherings and any other social event we’ve participated in. It is to the point that everyone in the family, including friends of ours, have told her that she needs to curtail her immature behavior, but to no avail. Chat Daddy, we don’t know what to do anymore. What should I do?

-So So Sick of Dealing With Goofy

Dear So Sick of Dealing With Goofy, Wow, your sister sounds like she is truly special. First of all, if you all have talked to her about this behavior, then let it go. Honestly, maybe it would be best if you distanced yourself from her because not only is it childish but absolutely ridiculous. A 37-year-old woman exhibiting this type of behavior is really a sad case. I truly feel for you because there is no way that an adult should be acting this way. Have you all thought about her seeing a doctor or therapist because she could be suffering from mental issues? If she is indeed in her right mind, then she would change her repulsive ways and act according to her age. Because there’s no way that anyone at this age would consider his or her behavior normal. Be encouraged.

Dear Chat Daddy, I’m a 40-year-old married father of four children. Two years ago, my wife, who I will always love unconditionally, stepped out of our marriage to be with her first boyfriend from high school. At first, I knew nothing about the affair because my wife and I had been together for over 15 years, so I trusted her and her every move. I don’t really trust her anymore even though she wants to come back and be a family again. Over the course of her relationship with him, she would disappear from our relationship and household for days at a time. She confessed to me but then said that it was over between them. I don’t believe her. Chat Daddy, I’m really sick of her playing our children and me with her drama. What do you think? -Much Love, No Trust

Dear Much Love, No Trust, Great letter, my brother, but I’m really concerned about your wife and all of her in-and-out shenanigans. Brother, you are a good man for putting up with all of her disappearing acts. This must be really affecting your children. My advice is very simple: If there is no trust left in this marriage on your part, then you definitely know what to do. Let it go. However, really evaluate and assess whether or not you are willing to work on your marriage. I would suggest you seek individual counseling for yourself and, if possible, get marital counseling with the two of you together. Therapy can help because studies show that marriages can be repaired after infidelity if both parties pursue counseling while seeking forgiveness in the relationship. Most of this healing process is really your wife’s choice because she must be honest with herself first about what is most important in her life and why. Here’s to your family growing stronger. Only time, understanding and a recommitment from her will bring the good times back.

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