Dear Chat Daddy
My husband and I do not approve of our daughter’s relationship with a boy we consider not to be good for her. Our daughter is a 16-year-old honor student with everything going for her and she is experiencing dating for the first time.

From what she tells us, he is 18, unemployed and still living at home. He is constantly lavishing her with expensive gifts and when we ask her where he gets the money to do that, she gives us a lame excuse. We feel that he is involved in drug dealing and it scares us. My husband and I have questioned him about his career goals and future endeavors, but he doesn’t give us a suitable response. We love her so much and try our best to convince her that she can find so much better, but to no avail.

Chat Daddy, how do we convince our daughter that she is giving herself to someone who is not worthy of her time and affection? Please advise. -Our Daughter Has Lost Her Marbles

Our Daughter Has Lost Her Marbles, How unfortunate to see situations unfold in this way; but you do realize that opposites do attract? That your daughter was raised with a silver spoon in her mouth means nothing.

Often our teens develop a flavor for something totally opposite of what they’re used to. Your concerns are very valid and I definitely understand them. I would suggest the three of you sitting down and lovingly discussing the issue.

As you may know, teenagers think they know everything and with this being her first dating experience, she’s most likely dealing with strong romantic feelings that are in overdrive. Tell her that at this age, dating is natural. However, she shouldn’t be consumed with it. Try again to explain to her the consequences of getting involved with young men who have no dreams and plans for themselves.

Give her some alternatives as to how to meet other teens who have the same type of goals and aspirations as she does and stress the importance of surrounding herself with likeminded individuals. Have her participate in school activities and youth social clubs that promote healthy and substantial life tools that will not only take her to where she needs to be, but will increase her chances of meeting young men who are positive and focused on succeeding. Be encouraged.

Dear Chat Daddy, I am a 30-year-old and I am madly in love with my wife. Our relationship is good, but there is one problem. I have discovered that she is not very open-minded when it comes to sex and I have to admit, it is a bit frustrating. I have a high sex drive and so does she, but she’s not adventurous when it comes to trying new and creative things to spice up our bedroom experience. It has become quite boring and redundant. What can I do to convince her that it is okay to explore new possibilities when it comes to us pleasing each other? Please advise. -Wanting Some Variations Of Pleasure

Dear Wanting Some Variations Of Pleasure, Oh my%uFFFDis all I can say. Start off by having an open conversation with your wife about improving your bedroom action. Since the two of you are a happy couple, really tell her how you feel and reassure her that it is okay to let go of her inhibitions with you. A lot of married couples are experiencing this same issue: One partner feels too shy and not that comfortable experimenting with new ideas, positions or practices in the bedroom. Let her know that you love and desire her in every way, and that it would be an absolute joy and delight to experience new and exciting sexual things with her. For extra reinforcement, the two of you may consider purchasing some good sex-related books or maybe paying a visit to a marriage counselor to flesh out your feelings and concerns. Here’s to you enjoying a lifelong commitment full of exciting intimate encounters. Enjoy!

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