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Suddenly, getting breakfast is exciting, especially when you have a talented songstress serving up excitement at 7 a.m. Unfortunately, stars catering to regular folk does not happen everyday. But when it does, we love it.

R&B sensation Ciara Harris, 22, greeted customers at McDonald’s 50th Anniversary restaurant, 600 N. Clark Ave., Feb.29, where she gave away free McSkillet Burritos in honor of leap year day and to give some joy to lucky fans.

When the beautiful, tall singer, known for her tough persona, stepped behind the Mickey D’s counter she began having too much fun. Customers witnessed her flirty, sweet personality as they ordered breakfast. “It was really fun,” the “McPrincess” told the Defender. “It was a cool experience, because I never had the chance to do that.

I never worked at a McDonald’s or a restaurant like this.” The chart-topping diva explained that the experience brought back memories of a short stint she had in the world of customer service. “Actually, it’s funny, when I was younger I did have an opportunity to work at a concession stand at a baseball stadium,” she said.

Many wonderful things have happened since then. Today, she is a multi-awardwinning singer, songwriter, producer, dancer and actress with two albums – Goodies (2004) and Ciara: The Evolution (2006) – released. Then there are her catchy dance hits like 1,2 Step, Get Up, Like A Boy and so many others that keep fans-young and old-wanting more.

The star, born in Austin, Tex., said she gets high off of the feeling of success, but she still wants to keep going. “I enjoy it. I feel very, very blessed. I am very thankful for the opportunity,” she said about her growing stardom. She is currently working on her third album. The beats and the lyrics are coming at her like crazy, she said.

“I’m gonna to just give you more of me on this album,” Ciara said, adding that her friends have helped her to reveal more of herself, so she wants to share that with the world. “I am definitely sharing more in this record.

I am having fun, musically, and it is going somewhere. It’s a really fun thing and I am enjoying it.” Ciara is also anticipating the release of the new movie Mama, I Want To Sing! a film version of the off-Broadway gospel musical. She plays the lead role Amara Winter, a preacher’s daughter who leaves her gospelsinging roots to become a mainstream pop superstar.

The film also stars the legendary Patti LaBelle, who plays Amara’s grandmother; Emmy Award-winning actress Lynn Whitfield as Amara’s mother; and actor Billy Zane stars as the CEO of Amara’s record label. The movie comes out later this year. “It’s a great cast,” Ciara said. “Lynn, in particular, is a very strong actress.

To be in her company is amazing. It’s like, wow. She is fierce. She cuts through. You know she knows how to do it. She is a true professional.” “Pattie LaBelle is so sweet, so down to earth, so humble. She, to me, is the perfect example of what I feel an entertainer that is successful should be when they get older. She has a very youthful spirit, too,” Ciara added.

The artist said she is heading back to the studio to work on her upcoming album, and she wants to let her fans know that anyone could make their dreams reality with hard work. “Life is what you make it, and you determine your destiny. “When you know that and understand it, that should give you an incentive and motivation to get on the ball and get started with what you want to do,” she said.

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