Dear Gwendolyn:

Last semester I made horrible grades. The problem is I want to change schools. I met a man while working at a summer camp. He worked at the fast food restaurant. It was love at first sight. You would think I would not have been attracte

When my parents discovered I wanted to change schools, they were furious. Where I now attend is affordable. However, I would like to be near my friend. The only college in the camp’s small town is private and expensive. I feel my parents are doing me wrong. They could sacrifice a little harder. Am I being selfish?

Do I need to consider changing would be a hardship for them? If I lived near him, I could convince him to go back to school and even to college. He was a dropout at age 16 and is now 36. We could get married after he graduates. My parents need to make me happy.


Dear Grace:

Parents can make you happy as a child, but once you become an adult, happiness comes from the choices you make. Let me tell you this: Sixteen-year-old dropouts usually hang on street corners wearing gold chains around their neck, diamonds on their fingers, and a Rolex watch on both wrists. This money, of course, is accomplished illegally. After going from boy to man, they realize women of intelligence don’t cross at that particular street corner.

Therefore, they get a job at a fast food chain in a lucrative neighborhood. They have the knowledge to know women of quality will enter û just as you did. Grace, put forward your best efforts and concentrate on receiving your undergraduate degree and possibly going on to graduate school. The man you speak of has had 20 years to make something of his life. Think about it. Uneducated men look for educated women who possess a lack of common sense.

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