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12 Voices: A New Year’s Prayer By Carl D. West

A New Year’s Prayer

I recently had a good preacher friend of mine come to my home to give it (as well as myself) a “pimp oil” blessing. Over the last few years, this has been a ritual and this year was no different, except that it came a few weeks later than normal. My pastor buddy would come right after New Year’s but I was traveling so he had to wait until I returned from sunny Arizona.

Carl D. West

The scene sets up as follows: Pastor Alvin Richards, from Revival Tabernacle Ministries, would arrive with one of his deacons and they would start by blessing the exterior right before entering the common area of my humble abode. Once in my spot, of course, we greet and share pleasantries. From there I offer them something to drink and they always request OJ.

Now we sit in a designated space and begin to catch up on life. That takes us right into Pastor Richards explaining, for the umpteenth time, about the oil he has in his possession and why it’s used. Then he asks me what challenges did I have in 2017 and what am I doing to prevent those troubling issues from persisting in the new year. He also asks me what are my (asks) from God in the new year.

I first stated that I have none because last year was awesome for me and I had very few challenges and my slate is clean and that God blessed me in 2017. I then stated that I may have one request for God because I normally never ask Him for anything–I often just give Him thanks for His commitment to providing a steady life for me and my immediate family.

Admittedly, I’ve been quietly nudging Him to send me my soulmate. That seemed to ignite Pastor Richards. He eagerly lifted his head and said, “there’s the hook!” He reacted as though he had found the perfect topic to address and lend me his professional knowledge as a man of God and also as a happily married brother.

To make a long story short, he wanted to know if I had a steady or was I just flowing? My reply helped him decide which direction to go next, in terms of how to select a companion. He first went into how he met and married his current wife. The deacon finally chimed in to explain the same. Both stories mirrored each other: they were single men enjoying the fruits of singlehood, without remorse, until for the pastor, a minister friend of his dad prayed on him and told him that he would be married within a year. He was, and it was to a woman somebody had introduced him tod years prior. He had never even considered her.

The deacon discovered his wife in college after having very fruitful exchanges with women on campus. Ironically, both had discovered the Word; the pastor through another ministry and the deacon actually started reading the Bible at the advice of a friend while in college. The deacon found his wife after going on a sabbatical from having physical exchanges with one girl after the next. The pastor also located his now wife after giving up women at the advice of the very pastor who prayed over him.

Now, these stories of restricting interactions with women frightened me and also excited me, equally, because I love challenges. Can I give up the ‘scent of a woman’ for a period of time was my self-imposed suggestion? Honestly, as I expressed to my invited spiritual guests, I don’t know if I’m ready for that–nor do I think I wanna execute that torture on myself right now!

All in all, as they concluded their anointing of my home, and placed their oil-stained hands on me, I had many confusing thoughts. Therefore, this fairytale or wish list for a wife is still incomplete. One thing is for sure, on this subject, I need more prayer this year!   

Carl D. West is the CEO/Publisher of TBTNews and founder of the TRUTH 4 Literacy Foundation, Leadership Luncheon, Legend and Pioneer Awards, all powered by Midwest Gap Enterprise.

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