11 Ways to Survive Chicago's Polar Vortex

Photo via Getty Images
Photo via Getty Images

It’s -32° degrees outside. Chicago Public Schools are shut down. Tom Skilling’s tweeting thumb is about to fall off. With the Polar Vortex finally upon us, many Chicagoans are preparing for the worst.
Holed up at home with your significant other/kids/dog/non-condoned space heater? Don’t waste a perfectly good sub-zero day. Here are 11 ways you can have fun today (without losing any of the good parts of your face).
11. Cook Something New
Dominick’s was smart: They shut down for this weather like a week ago. Didn’t make it to Jewel before the wind chill hit Siberian lows? See if Pinterest has a recipe that includes jarred pesto, Shrimp Flavored Ramen and rainbow sprinkles — you know, the only things in your cupboard.
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