10 Things White People Should Not Say During Black History Month

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As Black History month begins and we take pride in the ancestors that help make this country great, it’s only fair that we ask white people to refrain from some of the things they have the nerve to say to us on a regular basis. Please give us a break for at least this month. So here it is…10 things white people cannot ask you during Black History Month.

1. You’re so articulate or you speak so well. What do you expect us to do? Believe it or not, most Blacks can speak well.

2. Is that your real hair? Here’s another one that’s crazy. More than likely, even women who make the decision to wear a weave or a wig have real hair. It’s a choice.

3. Don’t say “You” people. What does “You” people mean anyway?

4. Don’t remind us that President Barack Obama is mixed. Who cares? A little over 25 years ago, mixed, light skinned, it didn’t matter…Black was Black. So we’ll take him and his wonderful family.

5. Don’t remind us that slavery was a long time ago or about reverse racism. Last time I checked, corporations and colleges are becoming less and less integrated. And have you seen the state of Black America lately? We still have a long way to go.

6. I don’t think of you as Black. For real? Once you’re Black, you’re Black. What’s does that mean anyway?

7. You don’t sound Black on the phone. What are we supposed to sound like?

8. Some of my best friends are Black. If they were your best friends then you wouldn’t be making such a statement. I have very close white friends too…but I don’t clarify every conversation about them with their race.

9. Don’t ask a mother…is your baby bi-racial? You might get punched.

10. Finally…please don’t use the “N” word or refer to anyone or anything as ghetto. 

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