Spike Lee Takes On ‘Lame’ NYTimes Film Critic In Ongoing Gentrification Battle

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Spike Lee’s war with the New York Times over gentrification isn’t going away any time soon: after the paper’s head film critic AO Scott took on the subject through a cinematic lens, Lee fired off an epic riposte through social media.

Scott’s article was just the latest in an ongoing conversation centered around gentrification in Brooklyn, dialogue that was thrust into the forefront anew after Lee was recorded publicly railing against a previous piece in the Times that suggested gentrification has spurred positive effects for the borough. That audio was first published in The Daily Intelligencer and went viral.

On Sunday, Scott published what Lee took to be a dig. “Whose Brooklyn Is It Anyway? Tracing Urban Change in Brooklyn From ‘Kotter’ To ‘Girls'” read, in part here.

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