Woman Sues Doctor for Pregnancy She Says ‘Should Never Have Happened’

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    Cynthia Williams is suing her doctor for a pregnancy she says never should have happened.

    Williams, 40, and her husband, both carry the sickle cell trait and after having two kids – each born with sickle cell – the two decided against having more.

    The sickle cell trait is a genetic abnormality that has the risk of  causing a dangerous blood disorder in the future children of the affected parentage.

    Cynthia thought she took the necessary precautions to ensure against future pregnancy; using the rhythm method of birth control. But in spite of this, her third child was born. The couple knew there was a 25 percent chance that the baby would have sickle cell disease, so they were relieved when she was born a carrier instead.

    Back to birth control. This time, Cynthia tried taking the pill, but high blood pressure made it necessary for her to seek out more permanent measures; so she got her tubes tied. That should do it, right?

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