‘Once In A Lifetime’ Ice Caves Form On Lake Michigan Shore

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    If you trek to the Lake Michigan in the next couple weeks and hike along the frozen shore, you might find yourself standing on top of miles of spectacular ice caves.

     Tom Auch, a photography teacher at Northern Michigan College in Traverse City, Mich., did just that this week. On Tuesday, he and a videographer friend, George Meredith, followed a dirt road near Leland to the lake, then hiked along the shore as it gradually rose. At some point, they were able to climb down the icy ledge, and found themselves looking at 20- to 30-foot-tall caves, some as big as garages.Auch got the tip about the ice caves from a resident who told him he had to go see the phenomena for himself, so they set out early in the morning with the temperature below zero degrees.

    To see the photos click here.

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