Black Women In History: 10 Reasons We’re Still Wowed By 1980s Olympic Figure Skater Tai Babilonia

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    tai-babilonia-gardener#6 Read Up! She’s An Author

    Forever Two As One,” the title of Babolinia and Gardner’s joint memoir was the first hardback to hit book stores, however Tai is currently working on pitching her own autobiography as I type.

    #7 Sweet As Can Be

    Although Babilonia is not a huge fan of sweets, people are a fan of her candy. With the encouragement of The Candy Factory owner Frank Sheftel, she began designing candies in the shape of pink ice skates and butterflies. How sweet! For more on these treats check out Tai Treats on Twitter. And wait, there’s more…Babilonia also makes jewelry boxes as well as designs figure skating clothes. I see you Ms. Tai!

    #8 And She’s Back! The Ice Capades

    After 1980, Babilonia joined the show Ice Capades and both her and Gardner went on to have an extremely successful professional careers, skating as special guest stars on the show. They even appeared on numerous skating tours and in countless television specials, and in 1991 both Tai and Randy were inducted into the U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame!

    #9 She’s A Survivor

    Speaking of the Ice Capades, the nine month on the road schedule that the show required really played a toll on Babilonia. It was rough both emotionally and physically, causing her to gain over 15 pounds. This was also when the drinking and diet pills started. For the three years she was on the show, both were a constant struggle. What started as a glass of wine here and there eventually morphed into a full blown addiction. She was on thin ice, but she survived. Today she is both sober and healthy!

    #10 She Gives Back

    While Babilonia does not officially associate herself with being a coach or mentor, the inspiration and support she has given to young figure skaters today is undeniable. For instance she calls 12-year-old figure skater, Starr Andrews her “friend.” Andrews has been the talk of the town ever since her “Whip My Hair” performance back in 2010. “She’s good. And she has it. Whatever it is….” Babilonia recently told Priscilla Gilman.  “And so…I’m her friend. I don’t know if she wants to call me a mentor. I’m not quite sure what exactly that is.  But I’m her friend who is advising her on what to expect, how to act when you’re at a competition, just the things that I was taught. That’s what I do.”

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