CTA Train Cars Will Be Dirtier After Agency Cuts Work Program For Ex-Offenders, Union Warns

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    The union representing CTA workers is warning that commuters relying on the agency’s train lines should anticipate a dirtier ride in the new year.

    Robert Kelly, president of the Local 308 chapter of the Amalgamated Transit Union, told the Chicago Tribune that the CTA has cut funding for the ex-offender apprenticeship program responsible for quick spot cleaning on the agency’s train cars. As a result, Kelly claims, the trains will only be cleaned during midnight shifts, making for what could be “a serious health matter” for riders.

    The CTA claims Kelly is blowing the matter out of proportion and that, despite the apprenticeship program being cut, the agency’s train cars “will maintain a high level of cleanliness each and every day” and that the agency is not changing its rail car cleaning schedule, CBS Chicago reports.

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