City Says Over 2 Million Attended Blackhawks Rally

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    For many in Chicago, Friday was a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off come true.

    According to the city, over 2 million revelers turned out to Grant Park to take in the Stanley Cup victory rally Friday morning — markedly more than the number of folks who took part in the 2010 celebration.

    And the jubilant, occasionally expletive-laden mood was, naturally, not confined to Grant Park nor the parade route itself.

    Photographer and friend of HuffPost Brent Knepper shared a series of shots he took around town Friday that perfectly capture the energy of a city in celebration.

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    “F***ing right Chicago! indeed.

    Not done reveling in the afterglow of the Grant Park festivities themselves? Check out Joshua Mellin’s photos from the rally below.

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