Arrest in robbery caught on surveillance camera

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    Bail is set at $750,000 for one of two men facing charges in the shooting of a Chicago shop owner whose resistance with a baseball bat was captured by a security camera.

    Fifty-three-year-old Cornell Mack was charged Thursday with attempted murder and armed robbery. Police are searching for the second suspect.

    A videotape shows Luis Quizhpe on Tuesday clobbering one of the robbers, who was holding a gun to the owner’s brother-in-law.

    The gunman fired multiple shots at the owner of the store, hitting him in the leg. But the wound didn’t stop Quizhpe’s vigorous counterassault. Quizhpe’s brother-in-law is also seen fighting off a robber.

    Mack is hospitalized with a gunshot to the chest. Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Erin Antonietti says Mack was shot by his accomplice.

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