Is L.L. Cool J. an ‘Accidental Racist’?: New song with Paisley causing flack

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2-ENT-_USE_LL_and_Brad_Paisley.jpgRapper LL Cool J and country singer Brad Paisley

Legendary rapper L.L. Cool J. and country crooner Brad Paisley have teamed up to create “Accidental Racist,” a song so ridiculous and, well, arguably racist, that social media is questioning if it could possibly be satire.

 Released Monday, one day before Paisley’s album “Wheelhouse” hits stores, the track has been raked over the coals and mocked by Twitter users.

 In an interview with an entertainment industry magazine Paisley said that the song grew from racial inequality and suspicion.

 What’s even most astounding is that in explaining this song, Paisley described why it was probably not a good idea to be on the record.

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