Randolph’s Message: The Victory

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Rev. Dr. Howard Randolph REVISED

The Bible tells that we were wonderfully made. This tells us that we were made to be wonderful. If we were made to be wonderful, then we should be doing wonderful things. God has made us to do marvelous and wondrous things. If we are not accomplishing great things, it is not God’s fault. We have to realize that God has already given us all we need to do what the world would call impossible. David did the impossible when he defeated the giant Goliath. Moses did the impossible when he parted the Red Sea. The Bible is full of examples of what man, with the power of God, can do in this world. Each one of us is capable of doing far more than we have ever thought possible. Today, let us know that God has made and ordained us to do marvelous and wondrous things in this world. Believe it and then let us achieve it.

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