Adam Jackson wants you to ‘Speak It’

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    Widely known as the ‘Sweet Potato Guy,’ entrepreneur and Adam Jackson overcame adversities and pulled himself up from his bootstraps to lead a successful café, help others achieve success and write an inspirational book.

    Jackson –– co-owner of Jimmy Jamm Sweet Potato Bakery and Café, the world’s only sweet potato café –– talked with the Defender about his path to becoming a businessman and writing his first book Speak It Receive It Achieve It Over 200 Original Quotes.

    Chicago Defender: How did your path to entrepreneurship start?

    Adam Jackson: It started right out of high school. A lot of people don’t know this but the reason my drive is so heavy is because I dropped out of high school. I have to drive harder than the normal person because of that. I didn’t have a high school diploma until this June. I dropped out because the kids were selling drugs to my mother. I was ashamed to go to school and face my peers who were selling drugs to my mother.

    CD: How did the idea of writing a book come to you?

    AJ: By mistake. Someone I hired to do social media said they needed some of my quotes. It took me some time because I’m not a person who likes to type; I like to talk. Once I sat down to do it, I couldn’t stop. It took me maybe about four to five months to put together.

    CD: How receptive have readers been to your advice

    AJ: People were very receptive. I’ve helped start over 200 businesses. This is a lifestyle for me. I talk about self reflection, spirituality, leadership building, wealth building…This is a lifestyle for me. Even through the heavy trial times, I stay positive.

    CD: What do you want readers to take away from the book?

    AJ: Have faith in your faith. Some people are scared of trying; I’m scared of not trying.
    This book is put together for the younger generation and the non-readers. Whatever you need in your life, you’ll find it in the book.

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