Hudson family friend testifies at murder trial

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CHICAGO (AP) — The best friend of Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson’s brother has testified that Jason Hudson only had one enemy.

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CHICAGO (AP) — The best friend of Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson’s brother has testified that Jason Hudson only had one enemy.

Kent Williams testified Thursday at the Chicago trial of William Balfour, who is charged with killing Hudson’s mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew. Williams told jurors that Jason Hudson didn’t have any enemies except for Balfour. Williams became tearful when he testified about learning of the slayings. Balfour has pleaded not guilty in the 2009 killings.

Also Thursday two experts testified that Balfour’s fingerprints weren’t found on items located at the crime scenes.

Prosecutors have continued to make their case again Balfour in a second week of testimony. Previous witnesses have testified that the 30-year-old Balfour, who is the ex-husband of Hudson’s sister, threatened to kill members of the Hudson family numerous times.

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