Shirley Caesar brings her ‘City’ promo tour to Chicago

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Eleven-time Grammy Award-winning Pastor Shirley Caesar whirled through town on a promotional tour of her latest CD entitled A City Called Heaven.

Eleven-time Grammy Award-winning Pastor Shirley Caesar whirled through town on a promotional tour of her latest CD entitled A City Called Heaven. The gospel diva sang the title track and her powerful single, Favor, during an intimate evening of dinner and song with several fans and friends including Albertina Walker. Caesar began her professional career with the legendary Caravans. “There were many groups such as Dorothy Lovecoates, The Roberta Martin Singers, but nobody was like Albertina Walker and the Caravans,” said Caesar. Her extensive career has birthed songs like He’s Working It Out, No Charge, You Can Make It and Don’t Drive Your Moma Away.  But admittedly, her favorite project is A Miracle in Harlem. “After I lost my mom, it took a miracle to pull me up out of that,” Caeser said. “Songs like Strong Man, You’re Next In Line For A Miracle helps me make it through. … If I’m preparing a sermon that message comes alive in me first, before I can give it to the people…it’s the same way with a song.” In addition to being a renowned recording artist, she has been pastor of Mount Calvary Word of Faith in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina for 18 years. Today’s youth holds a special place in her heart. “I’ve always had a heart and ministry for the youth,” said Caesar.  “The Lord has given me a ministry for young folk. It grieves my heart when I go to prisons and see 98 percent African American young men. Some of them are like 28 years with 150 years. So what I’m doing is preaching and teaching these young folk and letting them know if you do the crime, you will do the time.” Spreading the word through song is what the multiple award winning artist is determined to do. “I don’t record just to be recording, if I don’t have something that’s going to bless the people-I will wait 5 to 10 years. This CD we chose the songs carefully that would bless the people. I just think that all of the songs carry a profound message,” Caesar said. “I’m going after the enemy. I know that prayer and praise changes thing. When we get people with one accord and earnestly call on Jesus-Bin Laden has to come out of his hole.” Caesar will continue promoting her new album with March 25 and 26 appearances on the Mo’Nique show scheduled on Black Entertainment Television.   Happy birthday blessings to Pastor W. J. Campbell of St. James Ministries C.O.G.I.C.; belated birthday blessings to Bertha Melson; happy sixth church anniversary to New Life Covenant Church and Pastor John Hannah; and happy birthday and Founder’s Week to Deandre Patterson and Destiny Worship Center. Patterson is celebrating his sixth pastoral anniversary. “Remember you are blessed by the Best!” Effie Rolfe is a radio personality and the religion entertainment columnist for the Chicago Defender. E-mail her at 


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